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Khalyla Kuhn, Founder

I grew up in the water, on the island of Cebu, where my father first taught me how to swim. Those early lessons have stuck with me to this day. The number one rule was to never turn your back on the ocean. Conditions change. Calm waters can become big swells in seconds. Tides ebb and flow. Attention shows you respect the water.

Ebb Ocean Club channels that same respect. We are community-first and on a mission to democratize the ocean while doing our part to make it a cleaner, safer place for all its inhabitants.

Our first product drop - the Detangling Collection - is reef-safe and made for anyone with damaged hair.

Each product batch was tested in the elements by my network of surfers, divers and spearfishers so you can trust it'll work for your everyday needs at home.

Khalyla Kuhn with her snorkeling gear on a beach

Ocean Story

1984 ~
Born in Cebu, Philippines
1994 ~
Starts to free dive
1996 ~
Youngest swimmer to represent her country at the Southeast Asian Games
1998 ~
Wins gold at the Southeast Asian Games
2020 ~
Joins a community of female free-divers and learns how to spearfish
1987 ~
Learns to swim
1996 ~
Joins the Philippines National Swim Team
1996 ~
Breaks the national record in 200m Butterfly
2002 ~
Receives a full swim scholarship to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2024 ~
Founds Ebb Ocean Club!
Khalyla Kuhn wringing her hair on a beach

A new standard in haircare

Champions for Reef-Safety

Our formulations consider the ocean first and are free of silicones and petrochemicals known to be harmful to coral reefs. We choose our ingredients based on performance while meeting the highest global standards for quality and reef-safety.

Plus, all of our bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic retrieved from the ocean.

Performance driven

Our products were engineered to deliver optimal results. The goal behind the EBB formulas is to hydrate, repair and protect strands under stress — from pollution, UV and heat damage. Explore Products